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Who Are We?

RewardDollars is a social media network dedicated to helping people make money on social media platforms. We team up with huge corporations to provide offers that you can complete to earn money.


How Do We Pay You?

We pay all affiliates with the revenue that they generate! Money that affiliates have made completing offers from advertisers gets paid back to them. RewardDollars is simply the middle man between members and advertisers.


Can I Make Money?

Anyone is able to make money on RewardDollars you just need to complete task and share your link!


When Do I Get Paid?

You’ll receive your payment instantly once you request your earnings and have set your payment method. If we have any difficulties with your payment we will email you with the email you’ve provided to us.


Why Use rewarddollars.co To Earn Money Online?

Founded in 2000, RewardDollars has been paying real cash to millions of members for many years. Brands know we’re one of the best sites out there. We deliver proven results to our advertising partners, allowing us to continually give our members more new paid opportunities than other ordinary sites.


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